Following the Flame
A runner's pursuit of an Olympic Dream--a novel by Greg LautenslagerOrder the book | Contact Us
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Jonny Langenfelder will do whatever it takes to make the Olympics. He will run 150 miles per week through duststorms or snowstorms, endure the torment of crazed coaches and teammates, flip burgers, wash dishes, and live in a van or a basement or with the two people who tell him he is wasting his time—his parents.

Jonny’s career starts at age 14 after watching the 1972 Olympic 5,000 meters final on the black and white television in his family’s den. His path toward his own Olympic dream is crossed by many bizarre characters and circumstances, some that move him closer to his goal and others that send him spinning on a downward spiral. Jonny must set a fast pace to follow in his hero’s footsteps and break the shadow of his famous late uncle.

Follow Jonny on a whirlwind—and sometimes wild—journey that will take you around the world and into the locker rooms, hotels, stadiums, bars, and training ground of some great and not-so-great athletes, and inside the mind of a high-spirited runner who battles to stay on the straight path—no matter what temptation or tragedy threatens to keep him from reaching his goal.


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